Vasona Park History Project

by Gordon Cooper

Visitors to Santa Clara County's Vasona Park in Los Gatos, CA come for many reasons. They might enjoying picnicking or playing on the 45-acres of lawn, fishing or paddle boating on the lake formed by Vasona Dam, or hiking and biking along the Los Gatos Creek Trail as it passes through the park. Probably very few of these visitors are aware of the rich history of the area.

Working closely with Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation, Preston Woods Publishing has designed four historical panels to be mounted on four of the park's large bulletin boards. These interpretive panels will present a timeline of Vasona area history starting in prehistoric times and traveling to the present. The first board shows the early history of the area from the formation of the mountains to the Ohlone Indians, earlier inhabitants of the park lands. The second board illustrates the Spanish and Mexican years. The third board covers the Gold Rush to 1900. The fourth board (below and right shown as it will look installed by the pier) covers 1900 to the present.

The timeline was created for kids and their parents in mind. The lower portion of each historical panel features a kid-friendly historical cartoon illustrated by Park Ranger Mark Smith featuring Preston Woods Publishing's "Tour Guy." The upper portion of the panel provides more indepth information on the history of the area.

The timeline panels will be installed in Spring 2011. Check back here for more information on the date the panels will go 'live' in the park.


Vasona Park Historical Timeline

The fourth of four historical timelines will be installed on the bulletin board by the pier.



The third historical panel will be installed near the eastern side of the bridge along Los Gatos Creek Trail.